vienna ITS (in the summer)

Vienna ITS (in the summer) is very different to Vienna in December! Gone are the Christmas markets and the Glühwein and instead Vienna’s gorgeous architecture is bathing in the sun and the Viennese people are doing their best to seek leverage on the seething temperatures by consuming cold beer, drinking cold wine and seeking refuge at one of the city’s open-air swimming pools.

So yesterday, while the Siegle’s were at work, we did what the locals do and went to the ‘Badeshiff’, which is a boat of sorts with a bar, a restaurant and a floating pool attached to it (only a quick walk from the ‘Schwedenplatz’ underground stop, so really easy to find). Here we grabbed a couple of beech chairs, bought some water and a beer and did f all for the next couple of hours.

And to continue on, and finish off, this uttermost laid back day, when the host and hostess returned from their 9-5 activities, we made our way to Grinzing in search of food and wine, but will tell you more about that later as we’re heading into town now to find out what the city center is like in 30+!

Hope you all have a nice day :)


badeshiff in vienna
The ‘Badeshiff’ in all its pride and ‘glory’.

badeshiff in vienna
When you live in Ireland this sort of activity is not something you take for granted!

badeshiff in vienna
Someone one had a few too many beers the night before and was struggling a little ;)

badeshiff in vienna
Urban sunbathing!

badeshiff in vienna
Just because!

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