film friday - moonlight
film friday

film friday: moonlight


[eng] I had a feeling Moonlight would be good. In addition to the high praises it got from the critics, there was something about the trailer that silently screamed quality. This film had something to… Read More

recipe - grilled cheese veggie sandwich with avocado - featured
better than just bread

recipe: grilled cheese veggie sandwich with avocado


[eng] I’m no vegetarian, but I’m no meat freak either, and I often enjoy a meat free meal. This grilled cheese sandwich is easy enough to make, even if it takes a little… Read More

recipe soft caramels featured
snacks and starters

recipe: creamy caramels


[eng] A friend of mine recommended I have a go at these. She said they were easy to make and she was right! I love a project that’s uncomplicated, especially when it… Read More

featured candied walnuts
snacks and starters

recipe: candied walnuts


[eng] Most people probably accosiate Christmas with roasted almonds, but candied walnuts are just as good, if not better. These are not too sweet, but sweet enough :) And they’re incredible easy… Read More

featured pear and persimon salad with candied-walnuts
soups and salads

recipe: pear and persimmon salad with candied walnuts


[eng] I tried this pear and persimmon salad for the first time a couple of weeks ago. And then again last week. It’s very tasty and makes for a great lunch or a light dinner. For… Read More

featured - skibergfjellet
visit vestfold

skibergfjellet: climbing vestfold’s tallest mountain


Sunday a few weeks ago I did something I’ve never done before. I climbed a mountain, more spesifically Skiberfjellet. It is Vestfold’s tallest and extends 632 meters above sea level. (Don’t laugh… Read More