downton abbey

The British television series first aired September 2010. I remember zapping through the channels a good while ago when I came across one of the earlier episodes, and within minutes I was hooked! The costumes, the drama, I loved it all! I then wrote down the name of the series, thinking I’d try get a hold of the DVD box set…

More than a year, and a number of awards and nominations, later, I FINALLY got around to purchasing the first season of Downton Abbey. And last night, with a glass of El Coto Rioja within close reach and a woolen, if not the most comfortable, blanket wrapped around me, I couldn’t possibly be more prepared for the aristocratic world of the Crawley family and their servants.

So please prepare yourself for a magnificent journey through the late Edwardian era where you’ll be served a wonderful mix of intrigues, tragedy, arrogance,  rich people, poor people, beautiful people, theatrical performances, betrayal, death and romance – you’ll soon find yourself on a upper-class/lower-class roller-coaster ride like no other!


downton abbey

6 thoughts on “downton abbey”

    1. jeg elsker serien! har lenget etter noe saant helt siden ‘upstairs, downstairs’ gikk paa tv, men smaken er som kjent som baken; delt! ;)
      den heter forresten ikke ‘downTOWN abbey’, men ‘downTON abbey’ :)

  1. Hmm, nei denne har jeg ikke sett, faktisk ikke hørt om heller, tror jeg..
    Litt usikker på om den sendes på noen av kanalene jeg har tilgang på (dvs. de helt vanligste) – vet du tilfeldigvis om den sendes i Norge?

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