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dear dad

the BIG trip, take two: travel thinking, travel planning, travel booking

By On August 7, 2013

I know I was supposed to start my second ‘journey’ around the world yesterday, but time has a habit of catching up with me. I hope you enjoyed my current music obsession,… Read More

dear dad

our new zealand trail!

By On November 20, 2012

I feel I’m a bit all over the place at the moment with the trip planning. It’s like we plan and plan and plan while the list of things that need looking… Read More

dear dad

the countdown has begun!

By On November 14, 2012

Monday it was exactly 1 month till we ‘set sail’ for Australia and our big, BIG trip begins – weeeee!!! And thankfully, I’m a little less stressed now than I was a… Read More

dear dad

one country down, only ‘a few’ more to go!

By On November 7, 2012

The weekend at home was lovely! Caught up with friends and family and enjoyed some late nights and early mornings, which meant I was TIRED when I returned to Dublin. But after… Read More

dear dad

nomad medical cooler

By On October 29, 2012

If not a major topic on this blog, I’ve mentioned a couple of times that my boyfriend suffers from Ulcerative Colitis and because this, he’s dependent on a type of medication called Humira… Read More

dear dad

flights are booked!!!!!

By On October 26, 2012

After weeks of planning and a whole lot of back and forth, we’ve finally booked our round the world tickets :) :) :) So, ladies and gentlemen, let me present you our… Read More