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la boca, buenos aires - featured

la boca

By On March 24, 2013

La Boca. A must when in Buenos Aires. Or perhaps a ‘must not’?! People’s opinions about this neighbourhood are many and varied. I always wanted to go there, but then I read… Read More

café filippo in buenos aires - featured

café filippo

By On March 20, 2013

It’s interesting how a new place can become ‘mine’ so quickly. This is partly because I get easily attached to things (if I really like them!), but also, I think, because I’m… Read More

palermo soho - featured

palermo soho

By On March 16, 2013

The part of Buenos Aires where we’re staying is nice, real nice. It’s called Recoleta and aside from being a little on the snobby side (we’re talking posh ladies and miniature dogs),… Read More