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the sushi room in auckland - featured

auckland dining

By On October 10, 2013

I just ate, which means I’m thinking food, which again reminded me that in my last post I promised give you some tips on where to eat out in Auckland. As we rented an… Read More

wynyard quarter - featured

auckland to-dos

By On October 6, 2013

‘Boring’, ‘no personality’, ‘ugly’ and ‘wannabe capital’ are only some of the less than positive things we heard about Auckland, both pre-travelling and during our New Zealand road trip, and a lot… Read More

wynyard quarter - featured

wynyard quarter

By On January 8, 2013

Because we’d been cooped up pretty much the whole day on Sunday, we decided to spend our last day in Auckland walking around, soaking up some sun and some atmosphere and just relax. We… Read More

hobbiton - featured


By On January 4, 2013

I’m just back from a Hobbit journey to the Shire, and if I could, I’d go again. And again and again! Click on any of the images to view the pictures in… Read More

who shot rock and roll - featured

who shot rock & roll

By On January 2, 2013

Man, was yesterday a l.a.z.y. day, but that’s what a holiday is all about, right? Ours just happened to be a very looong one ;) We managed to leave the house for… Read More

new years even at the esplanade hotel in devonport - featured

new year’s eve the devonport way!

By On January 1, 2013

We’re after spending the day strolling around a very quite Auckland. It’s like the whole city’s hungover, which meant we had her (almost) all to ourselves and could explore every little nook… Read More