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road trip – ireland

dear dad

knockranny lodge

By On September 2, 2012

If Marian House B&B wasn’t all that much to brag about, then we were in for a real treat when we arrived at Knockranny Lodge in Westport! This place rocked in more… Read More

marian house b&b - featured
road trip - ireland

marian house b&b

By On September 1, 2012

The third load of laundry is hung up to dry, the suitcase is (almost) emptied and the food in our tummies is no longer restaurant delish and pub scrub, but home cooked… Read More

bertra strand - featured

bertra strand

By On August 29, 2012

It’s the last day of our road trip and in a couple of hours we’ll be heading, not exactly overjoyed, back to Dublin town. We’ve had a great week, and I’m so happy… Read More

dear dad

bye, bye, county kerry – hello, county mayo!

By On August 27, 2012

The circle is complete, so to speak, well, at least the Ring of Kerry circle is. And after a second day of great views, narrow roads, plus a quick stop in Kenmary… Read More

road trip - ireland

halfway through the ring :)

By On August 26, 2012

We’re halfway through the Ring of Kerry and we’ve had an amazing trip so far! And three things we’ve learned are: 1. Do make time for Valentia Island (the western most inhabited… Read More

ross castle in killarney - featured

ross castle and the lakes of killarney

By On August 24, 2012

Clowning in Ross Castle. Ross Castle pier. A proper holiday should be all about taking it easy, taking it slow and lazying about, and today we’ve done just that. From Ross Castle and… Read More