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dear dad

last night. more wine.

By On January 26, 2013

So last night turned out to be a really good one. Not that I’m surprised, in fact, I expected it after all the fun we had with those guys the first time… Read More

peter's pub in dublin - featured

dublin quick tip: peter’s pub

By On November 19, 2012

If you’re looking for a quite daytime pint in Dublin city centre, then pay Peter’s Pub on 1 Johnson Place a visit. The service is really friendly, the Guinness is good (I tried it… Read More

dear dad

cotton candy skies

By On October 26, 2012

This, with a little help from the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, is how Dublin’s sky looked like a little while ago. Beautiful, don’t you think? etta Pretty like a painting! Am I… Read More

dear dad

bray head

By On October 13, 2012

Good afternoon! Am just back from a quick trip into town where we had things to see, things to buy and things to organize (the latter mostly travel related as the BIG… Read More

dear dad

mocha, sun and sunshine :)

By On September 29, 2012

I’ve been told September is weather wise the nicest month in Ireland and judging by this year’s, that statement has definitively proven to be true! And it’s all about taking advantage of… Read More

dublin oktoberfest 2012 - featured

dublin oktoberfest 2012

By On September 24, 2012

Heaps of people. ...and plenty of sausages! If you think I look rough, it’s because I felt rough ;) I’ll happily admit I wasn’t good for much on Saturday, thanks to a certain… Read More