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tønsberg town

roar i bua i tønsberg - featured
tønsberg town

roar i bua

By On August 6, 2014

“Roar i Bua” is one of my favourite lunch places in Tønsberg. Located at the end of the city’s harbour, right next to Thon Hotel, it offers seafood of all sorts in… Read More

eat and drink

just another (mon)day!

By On March 10, 2014

If only all Mondays could be like the one today; jam-packed with good food, great coffee, a walk in the sun, laughing with a friend and funky wallpaper. I’d be the happiest… Read More

taj mahal in tønsberg - featured
eat and drink

taj mahal

By On September 28, 2013

No, not the Taj Mahal, but the smaller, less pretty and more tasty version right here in my tiny town. Birthday boy inspecting the goods. Living in Dublin the boyfriend and I used to… Read More

åsgårdstrand - featured
see and do

up and down åsgårdstrand

By On August 15, 2013

Hi, how are you? Haven’t been much around this week, sorry about that, but now I’m back with a bunch of pretty pictures from an even prettier town :) Åsgårstrand is only… Read More

eat and drink

iced latte @ bare barista

By On July 23, 2013

I sat in all day yesterday, despite glorious weather and reports stating this is the warmest July Norway’s had in 60 years (say what?!). But after first having had people visiting from… Read More