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freiburg - featured

freiburg: wine, wurst and wonderful architecture

By On November 1, 2015

[eng] Sometimes you like a place immediately. You arrive and you fall in love. That’s what happened with Freiburg. We really hit it off her and I, and I could easily see… Read More

#WurstAdventure - header

#WurstAdventure: discovering the sausage side of germany!

By On October 4, 2015

[en] Next week I’m off again, to territories unknown and food uneaten – I’m going on a #WurstAdventure through several Germany cities together with a group of Norwegian travel bloggers. This particular… Read More

wedding weekend in germany - featured

wedding weekend in germany

By On September 2, 2014

I’m just back from a wedding weekend in Germany. We arrived yesterday at 4am, and after two days and two nights of socialising and partying, mixed with not enough sleep and 10+ hours… Read More