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freiburg - featured

freiburg: wine, wurst and wonderful architecture

By On November 1, 2015

[eng] Sometimes you like a place immediately. You arrive and you fall in love. That’s what happened with Freiburg. We really hit it off her and I, and I could easily see… Read More

#WurstAdventure - header

#WurstAdventure: discovering the sausage side of germany!

By On October 4, 2015

[en] Next week I’m off again, to territories unknown and food uneaten – I’m going on a #WurstAdventure through several Germany cities together with a group of Norwegian travel bloggers. This particular… Read More

rhodes - featured

i’ve won a trip to rhodes!

By On September 8, 2015

No, really, I have! A few weeks ago I entered a competition organized by (Norway’s biggest tour operator) and Reiselyst (Norwegian travel magazine) to be a so-called test traveller. If picked… Read More

drammen - featured

a (half) day in drammen

By On October 9, 2014

Autumn break has come and gone and while for some people this meant a week of adventures abroad or spending time in their “hytte” (read more about the infamous Norwegian cottage concept here),… Read More

wedding weekend in germany - featured

wedding weekend in germany

By On September 2, 2014

I’m just back from a wedding weekend in Germany. We arrived yesterday at 4am, and after two days and two nights of socialising and partying, mixed with not enough sleep and 10+ hours… Read More

reunion in trondheim town - featured

reunion in trondheim town

By On August 28, 2014

I first met Kana in 2003 when we were studying at La Trobe University in Melbourne (best times!). That was more than 10 years ago! Since then, lots have happened in both of our… Read More