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cake and dessert

heidi's meringue - featured
cake and dessert

recipe: heidi’s meringue

By On July 1, 2013

Tasted this delicious dessert at my friend Heidi’s place a couple of weeks ago (hence the title) and decided yesterday to tackle it myself. Though there really isn’t much to tackle, to be… Read More

cake and dessert

recipe: midsummer chocolate cake

By On June 22, 2013

I’ve named it Midsummer chocolate cake, but I ensure you, you can bake this beauty anytime of the year ;) Aside from being very easy to make, I recently dicovered it freezes… Read More

cream cheese brownies - featured
cake and dessert

recipe: cream cheese brownies

By On September 19, 2012

This is one of the easiest things I’ve ever baked and it’s pretty darn tasty too! For the brownie batter, you need: 150 g unsalted butter 200 g dark chocolate, broken into… Read More

recipe - very chunky chocolate brownies - featured
cake and dessert

recipe: very chunky chocolate brownies

By On August 7, 2012

I said I would bake on Monday and I did. Brownies it was and I think I nailed it :) You need: 300 g Cadbury dairy milk chocolate 200 g Cadbury Bournville dark… Read More

cinnamon rolls - featured
cake and dessert

recipe: sunday cinnamon rolls

By On July 2, 2012

I decided to call them Sunday Cinnamon Rolls simply because I made them on the day God decided we should rest. Donald Skehan however, who the recipe is by, calls them Swedish… Read More

sponge cake - featured
cake and dessert

recipe: sponge cake topped with nuts

By On May 14, 2012

I was at Elsa’s parents’ place not too long ago (remember Elsa?) and her mum had made a lovely sponge cake (occasion: Elsa’s dad’s birthday), which recipe she was kind enough to… Read More