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recipe - grilled cheese veggie sandwich with avocado - featured
better than just bread

recipe: grilled cheese veggie sandwich with avocado

By On February 8, 2017

[eng] I’m no vegetarian, but I’m no meat freak either, and I often enjoy a meat free meal. This grilled cheese sandwich is easy enough to make, even if it takes a little… Read More

recipe soft caramels featured
snacks and starters

recipe: creamy caramels

By On December 27, 2016

[eng] A friend of mine recommended I have a go at these. She said they were easy to make and she was right! I love a project that’s uncomplicated, especially when it… Read More

featured candied walnuts
snacks and starters

recipe: candied walnuts

By On December 18, 2016

[eng] Most people probably accosiate Christmas with roasted almonds, but candied walnuts are just as good, if not better. These are not too sweet, but sweet enough :) And they’re incredible easy… Read More

featured pear and persimon salad with candied-walnuts
soups and salads

recipe: pear and persimmon salad with candied walnuts

By On November 18, 2016

[eng] I tried this pear and persimmon salad for the first time a couple of weeks ago. And then again last week. It’s very tasty and makes for a great lunch or a light dinner. For… Read More

featured - stuffed chicken with pesto and serrano ham
lunch and dinner

recipe: stuffed chicken with pesto and serrano ham

By On August 17, 2016

[eng] This has been my go-to dinner for the past couple of weeks. Lots of flavour, simple to make. It doesn’t get much better than that :) Ingredients (makes enough for 2… Read More

cocktail hour - raspberry delight - featured
cocktail hour

cocktail hour: raspberry delight

By On August 30, 2015

[eng] Guys, it’s cocktail hour, and Raspberry Delight is on the menu. Real refreshing and super simple to make. For one of these red delights you need: 2 cl Passoa 2 cl white rum (I… Read More