morocco: eating and drinking my way through marrakech!

If there’s one thing in Marrakech we not only did a lot of, but also enjoyed tremendously, it was eating and drinking! Every meal seemed as colourful and tasty as the next and, wow, what a discovery Moroccan white turned out to be! We even did a cooking class, hopefully enabling us to later reproduce some of those wonderful dishes in our own kitchen. And when I one day do, I promise to tell you how it went and possibly share the recipes with you as well :)

I love the title of this blog post (pat on shoulder) and, I promise, if you stick to my Marrakech ‘food map’, both your tastebuds and your tummies will be both excited and very, very satisfied!

kashba cafe in marrakech

Kick off your day with a lovely cup of coffee or traditional Moroccan tea on Kashba Cafe’s awesome rooftop. They have food too (vegetarian and vegan included) and more importantly, for the blog speices anyway, they’ve got free WIFI! ;) So sip your cup, enjoy the view and/or (depending on your multitasking skills) update your Facebook status so your friends back home know what a fantastic time you’re having ;)

kashba cafe in marrakech
Not sure if Morocco’s particularly famous for its coffee, but I quite enjoyed it.

dar moha in marrakech
Dar Moha’s outside seating area.

After shopping, sightseeing or whatever else you’ve enjoyed in Marrakech, have lunch at Dar Moha. Looks like nada from the outside, stunning on the inside! Lush, green plants, a nice pool, stunning colours everywhere, great service and, first and foremost, great food (the wine wasn’t too shabby either – ask for a bottle of Cuvée du Président white).

dar moha in marrakech
Colourful food served in colourful dishes.

dar moha in marrakech
Dessert time!

cooking course in riad chorfa
Before cooking one must purchase the ingredients.

An alternative would be to make your own lunch and if you have the chance I really urge you to do a cooking class at Riad Chorfa. We did and it was great! Making food in a stunning courtyard like theirs was an experience and the food turned out pretty good too! And on the subject of riads, if, or should I say when, you decide to book a trip to Marrakech, here’s a friendly trip: Make sure you stay in a rihad (a traditional Moroccan house) and not in one of those big, soulless hotels you find in the outskirts of town.

cooking course in riad chorfa

cooking course in riad chorfa
The chef boss at work!

cooking course in riad chorfa
…and one of her little helpers :)

cooking course in riad chorfa
While we wait for the food; tea-time Moroccan style.

To finish off an already flavoursome day, there’s only one thing to do: Have dinner at Bô-Zin! Hip and trendy, cool and calm. Cheek and cool, sophisticated and (somehow) soothing. This is the spot where to eat and drink until you can eat or drink no more.

bô-zin in marrakech
A sea of starters!

bô-zin in marrakech

Because, I swear, from the starter(s) and the main(s), to the dessert(s) and the drink(s), it was one gastronomic explosion after another! My mouth was exhausted by the end of it all, but still I wanted more. And when the fooding is over, there’s plenty of space, both outside and in, where to lounge the night away, sip your wine and watch trendy Moroccans pass by…

I’ve got five words for you: You. Have. To. Go. There.

bô-zin in marrakech

Hungry yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Get on a plane to Morocco already!

Thank you for checking in and thank you Sahara Experience, Visit Morocco and Norske reiseblogger for flying us out to Morocco and making sure we were never hungry or thirsty during our stay :)

xxx etta

film friday: dos más dos

Dos más Dos, or ’2+2′, is an Argentine comedy drama from 2012, which I bought when we were in Buenos Aires, and when I watched it yesterday, accompanied with Moroccan wine and some French cheese and crackers (I’d tried compensating for the shitty weather by travelling through food, film and alcohol), I was really happy I’d brought it home with me :)

dos más dos

By telling you that one of the movie’s earlier lines are ‘In monogamy you have to be creative somehow’, I believe I’ve pretty much set the tone for the film and you’ll know what I mean when I share the plot with you:

Diego and Emilia are happily married, but when Emily finds our their friends Betina and Richard have been swing’ing it for the last three years and seem all the more loved up because of it, she tries to convince Diego that they too should have a go.

While extremely reluctant at first, Diego comes around is more or less forced into it after some time, but he likes it and with that the act of swinging amongst the four friends are off to a great start. And the ’show’ does run smoothly, but only for a while…

Aside from being funny, what I like about the movie is that I find it trustworthy. What happens could happen. Also, like many other South-American movies I’ve seen, it touches on topics of people’s day-to-day lives. And by that I don’t mean we all do the swing thing, but it’s not like it’s something super far fetched either. Besides, the movie is about so much more than the exchange of sex partners.

You should see it! And it you can’t find it locally, you can alway order it on Amazon.

Thank you for checking in and hope you a wonderful Good Friday!

xxx etta

recipe: chicken kebab, caprese salad and homemade tzatziki

It’s actually been a while since I first made this and it was only when contemplating what do have for dinner earlier that I remembered I hadn’t shared the recipe with you – shame on me, because this is some real good stuff!

You need (for four people):
400 g minced chicken
2 garlic cloves
1 ts dried oregano
Half a chilli (red)
2 tbs pistachios (quite possibly my favourite nut!)
3 plum tomatoes
125 g mozzarella
A few basil leaves
Extra virign olive oil to sprinkle
Salt and pepper to taste

The tzatziki recipe I used, you find here.

You do:
1. Finely chop garlic and chilli and roughly chop pistachios
2. Mix this with the minced chicken
3. Form the mix into a sausage like shape around the skewers (make sure you’ve soaked the skewers properly first!)
4. Fry in a grill pan for about 3 minutes on each side, until they’re brown and cooked through
5. Slice tomatoes and mozzarella and stack these on top of each other on the plate. Drizzle with olive oil
6. Place chicken kebabs next to your caprese towers and serve with a dash (or a lot) of your homemade tzatziki!

recipe - chicken kebab with caprese salad and homemde tzatziki
Jeg fant oppskriften på, så hvis du foretrekker å lese den på norsk, finner du den her. Bare husk at jeg har forandret på flere ting.

Bon Apetite!

xxx etta

morocco: the video!

For my Morocco post numeró dos, I’ve put together a video. And I won’t lie, I’m very, very proud of it! Firstly, because I’ve never made one before. That’s right, I was a video virign! Secondly, I’m not very technical and I tend to be quite impatient, so even if iMovie might be the easiest tool in the whole, wide world, I looked like a big, fat question mark when I first took a peek at it.

But, yeah, after a whole day in front of my mac (once you’ve gone mac, you can never go back and all that) and with a bit of help from the boyfriend, I’m done, and if it’s true what they say, that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, I guess I’ve written a whole history book about Morocco with this video  ;)

I hope you like it, I really, really do! And, as, always, a big shoutout goes to the three trip organisers Sahara Experience, Visit Morocco and Norwegian Travel Bloggers

Needless to say, you should view it in full screen mode :)

Thank you for checking in and for checking out my video!

xxx etta